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Getting you and your company noticed in this ever-increasingly busy world is no mean feat. We know this, but we also know what it takes to make your content stand out from the crowd. For example, we know writing for the web needs a completely different approach to print marketing. It’s not rocket science but it’s for this very reason that we offer a wide range of copywriting services that can all be tailored to meet your individual needs.

From SEO copywriting that will give your website the very best chance at ranking on an online search to print marketing that captures the imagination, Lighthouse will help you see the way. Whether you’re looking for a website content writer who knows their H1s from their H2s or a copywriter that understands your brand and tone of voice inside out, you’ve come to the right place.


Let us shine a light on what all the jargon means and make sure your website content is not only engaging and informative but it’s also search engine friendly so that potential customers can find you when they need your services.

We’ll work closely with you to define the keywords that are most important to you and your business, whilst looking at how we can enrich your content with the use of H1s, H2s and meta data, all to ensure your content marketing is as SEO optimised as possible.


From subject lines that make your open rates soar to engaging copy that’s specifically designed to improve your click-through rate, we’ll create content for your emails that will have no trouble getting you noticed. We’re constantly researching and updating our knowledge on what works and what doesn’t for customer emails, and we’ll help you crack the code on what works best for you.


Blog creation on your site can mean the difference between a potential customer finding you on a website search and never even knowing you exist. Search engines are cleverer than they ever have been, and rich content that’s engaging and informative will make all the difference at improving your site SEO and getting you seen. It’s essential to keep adding new content to your website to make your site be seen to be a place worthy of directing traffic to. We can help you create a blog plan that will get you noticed, write standout blogs your customers will love and give you advice on how best to publish your content.


From brochures that beg to be read to press advertising that’s fresh and innovative, print marketing is still an essential part of any overall marketing plan. We know what needs to be done to get your brand noticed and we’ll help you discover exactly what that is.


Want to make your products stand out from your competition on the shelf? The right copy will do just that and more. From eye-catching front of pack copy to informative and enticing back of pack copy, we’ll work with you and your brand to make sure your product packaging sings out.


From promotional videos on social media to informative videos needed for events, the right storyboard can turn what would be a good video into a knockout video that everyone will remember. Having a wealth of experience writing storyboards and scripts for everything from short adverts to health & safety videos, we’ll help you nail the right approach to create a successful video every time.


Rather write your own content? No worries. We also offer editing services so you can rest easy that your content is free or errors whilst achieving all the objectives you need it to.